Section 19 in The Waqf Act, 1995

Title: Resignation of Chairperson and members

Description: The Chairperson or any other member may resign his office by writing under his hand addressed to the State Government: Provided that the Chairperson or the member shall continue in office until the appointment of his successor is notified in the Official Gazette.

Title: Removal of Chairperson and member

Description: (1) The State Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, remove the Chairperson of the Board or any member thereof if he— (a) is or becomes subject to any disqualifications specified in section 16; or (b) refuses to act or is incapable of acting or acts in a manner which the State Government, after hearing any explanation that he may offer, considers to be prejudicial to the interests of the 1[auqaf]; or (c) fails in the opinion of the Board, to attend three consecutive meetings of the Board, without sufficient excuse. (2) Where the Chairperson of the Board is removed under sub-section (1), he shall also cease to be a member of the Board. 1. Subs. by s. 4, ibid., for "wakfs" (w.e.f. 1-11-2013).

Title: Removal of Chairperson by vote of no confidence

Description: 1[20A. Removal of Chairperson by vote of no confidence.--Without prejudice to the provisions of section 20, the Chairperson of a Board may be removed by vote of no confidence in the following manner, namely:-- (a) no resolution expressing a vote of confidence or no confidence in any person elected as Chairperson of a Board shall be moved except in the manner prescribed and twelve months have not elapsed after the date of his election as a Chairperson and be removed except with the prior permission of the State Government; (b) notice for no confidence shall be addressed to the State Government stating clearly the grounds on which such motion is proposed to be moved and shall be signed by at least half the total members of the Board; (c) at least three members of the Board signing the notice of no confidence shall personally present to the State Government, the notice together with an affidavit signed by them to the effect that the signatures on no confidence motion are genuine and have been made by the signatories after hearing or reading the contents of the notice; (d) on receipt of the notice of no confidence, as provided hereinabove, the State Government shall fix such time, date and place as may be considered suitable for holding a meeting for the purpose of the proposed no confidence motion: Provided that at least fifteen days notice shall be given for such a meeting; (e) notice for meeting under clause (d) shall also provide that in the event of no confidence motion being duly carried on or, election of the new Chairperson, as the case may be, shall also be held in the same meeting; (f) the State Government shall also nominate a Gazetted Officer (other than an officer of the department which is concerned with the supervision and administration of the Board) to act as presiding officer of the meeting in which the resolution for no confidence shall be considered; (g) the quorum for such a meeting of the Board shall be one-half of the total number of members of the Board; (h) the resolution for no confidence shall be deemed to be carried out, if passed by a simple majority of the members present; (i) if a resolution for no confidence is carried out, the Chairperson shall cease to hold office forthwith and shall be succeeded by his successor who shall be elected by another resolution in the same meeting; (j) election of the new Chairperson shall be conducted under clause (i), in the meeting under the chairmanship of the said presiding officer referred to in clause (f), in the following manner, namely:-- (A) Chairperson shall be elected from amongst the elected members of the Board; (B) nomination of candidates shall be proposed and seconded in the meeting itself and election after withdrawal, if any, shall be held by method of secret ballot; (C) election shall be held by simple majority of the members present in the meeting and in case of equality of votes, the matter shall be decided by drawing of lots; and (D) proceedings of the meeting shall be signed by the presiding officer; (k) new Chairperson elected under clause (h) shall hold the office only up to the remainder of the term of the Chairperson removed by the resolution of no confidence; and (l) if the motion for passing the resolution of no confidence fails for want of quorum or lack of requisite majority at the meeting, no subsequent meeting for considering the motion of no confidence shall be held within six months of the date of the previous meeting.] 1. Ins. by s. 16, ibid. (w.e.f. 1-11-2013).

Title: Filling of a vacancy

Description: When the seat of a member becomes vacant by his removal, resignation, death or otherwise, a new member shall be appointed in his place and such member shall hold office so long as the member whose place he fills would have been entitled to hold office, if such vacancy had not occurred.

Title: Vacancies, etc., not to invalidate proceedings of the Board

Description: No act or proceeding of the Board shall be invalid by reason only of the existence of any vacancy amongst its member or any defect in the constitution thereof.