Section 269 in The Code of Criminal Procedure

Title:  Officer in charge of prison to abstain from carrying out order in certain contingencies

Description: Where the person in respect of whom an order is made under section 267 (a) is by reason of sickness or infirmity unfit to be removed from the prison; or (b) is under committal for trial or under remand pending trial or pending a preliminary investigation; or (c) is in custody for a period which would expire before the expiration of the time required for complying with the order and for taking him back to the prison in which he is confined or detained; or (d) is a person to whom an order made by the State Government under section 268 applies, the officer in charge of the prison shall abstain from carrying out the Court's order and shall send to the Court a statement of reasons for so abstaining: Provided that where the attendance of such person is required for giving evidence at a place not more than twenty-five kilometres distance from the prison, the officer in charge of the prison shall not so abstain for the reason mentioned in clause (b)

Title: Prisoner to be brought to Court in custody

Description: Subject to the provisions of section 269, the officer in charge of the prison shall, upon delivery of an order made under sub-section (1) of section 267 and duly countersigned, where necessary, under sub-section (2) thereof, cause the person named in the order to be taken to the Court in which his attendance is required, so as to be present there at the time mentioned in the order, and shall cause him to be kept in custody in or near the Court until he has been examined or until the Court authorises him to be taken back to the prison in which he was confined or detained

Title: Power to issue commission for examination of witness in prison

Description: The provisions of this Chapter shall be without prejudice to the power of the Court to issue, under section 284, a commission for the examination, as a witness, of any person confined or detained in a prison; and the provisions of Part B of Chapter XXIII shall apply in relation to the examination on commission of any such person in the prison as they apply in relation to the examination on commission of any other person

Title: Language of Courts

Description: The State Government may determine what shall be, for purposes of this Code, the language of each Court within the State other than the High Court.

Title: Evidence to be taken in presence of accused

Description: Except as otherwise expressly provided, all evidence taken in the course of the trial or other proceeding shall be taken in the presence of the accused, or, when his personal attendance is dispensed with, in the presence of his pleader: 1[Provided that where the evidence of a woman below the age of eighteen years who is alleged to have been subjected to rape or any other sexual offence, is to be recorded, the court may take appropriate measures to ensure that such woman is not confronted by the accused while at the same time ensuring the right of cross-examination of the accused.] Explanation.---In this section, "accused" includes a person in relation to whom any proceeding under Chapter VIII has been commenced under this Code. STATE AMENDMENTS Gujarat. In the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (hereinafter referred to as "the principal Act"), in section 273, after the words "in the presence of his pleader", the words "or, as the case may be, through the medium of Electronic Video Linkage when the court on its own motion or on an application so directs in the interests of justice" shall be added. [Vide Gujarat Act 31 of 2017, sec. 2.] 1. Proviso ins. by Act 13 of 2013, s. 20 (w.e.f. 3-2-2013)