Section 8 in The Kalakshetra Foundation Act, 1993

Title: Establishment and incorporation of Foundation

Description: (1) With effect from such date as the Central Government may, by notification, appoint in this behalf there shall be established a Foundation to be called the Kalakshetra Foundation. (2) The Foundation shall be a body corporate by the name aforesaid, having perpetual succession and a common seal, with power to acquire, hold and dispose of property, both movable and immovable, and to contract and shall by the said name sue and be sued. (3) The office of the Foundation shall be located at Thiruvanmiyur, Madras.

Title: The objects of Foundation

Description: The objects of the Foundation shall be,-- (i) to emphasise the essential unity of all true arts; (ii) to work for the recognition of the arts as vital to the individual, national and international growth; (iii) to maintain the highest traditions of art and culture in their pristine purity and in conformity with traditions; (iv) to arrange for the training, research, study, teaching and development of art and science, music, dance-drama, fine arts, and Bharat-Natyam; and (v) to ensure that the principles of "education without fear" and "art without vulgarity" are adhered to in the activities of the Foundation and not to permit any deviation from these high ideals

Title: Authorities of the Foundation

Description: (1) The Foundation shall consist of the following, authorities, namely:-- (a) the Governing Board; (b) the Academic Committee; and (c) the Finance Committee. (2) In the discharge of functions and exercise of powers under this Act, the authorities referred to in sub-section (1) shall be guided by the objects specified in section 9.

Title: The Governing Board

Description: The Governing Board shall consist of— (a) a Chairperson, who shall be a person of high eminence in public life, to be appointed by the Central Government; (b) not more than twelve Members to be nominated by the Central Government from amongst persons who— (i) have rendered valuable service to Kalakshetra; (ii) have been connected with, or have knowledge of art, culture, folk arts and crafts; (iii) are eminent artistes; and (iv) are patrons of art and culture; (c) two persons, possessing one or more of the qualifications referred to in sub-clauses (i) to (iv) of clause (b), to be nominated by the State Government; (d) two officers of the Central Government, not below the rank of a Deputy Secretary, to be nominated by that Government, to represent the Ministry of the Central Government dealing with culture, ex officio; (e) one officer of the State Government, not below the rank of Joint Secretary, to be nominated by that Government, to represent the Department of Education of that Government, ex officio; and (f) the Director, ex officio.

Title: Term of office of Members

Description: (1) The term of office of the Members shall be five years from the date of constitution of the Governing Board. (2) If a casual vacancy occurs in the office of a Member nominated under clause (b) or clause (c) of section 11, whether by reason of his death, resignation or inability to discharge his functions owing to illness or other incapacity, such vacancy shall be filled by making fresh nomination and the Member so nominated shall hold office for the remainder of the term of office of the Member in whose place he is so nominated. (3) An outgoing, Member shall be eligible for re-nomination. (4) A Member may resign his office by writing under his hand addressed to the Central Government but shall continue in office until his resignation is accepted by that Government. (5) The Members nominated under clauses (b) and (c) of section 11, shall be entitled to such allowances as may be prescribed.