Section 5 in The Beedi and Cigar Workers (Conditions of Employment) Amendment Act, 1993

Title: Amendment of section 18

Description: In section 18 of the principal Act, after sub-section (2), the following Explanation shall be inserted, namely:-- "Explanation.-- Where an employee had not worked on any day of the week immediately preceding the week in which the overtime work has been done, any week preceding such week in which he had actually worked shall be taken into account in calculating the over-time rate for the purposes of this sub-section.".

Title: Amendment of section 21.

Description: In section 21 of the principal Act, to sub-section (1), the following proviso shall be added, namely:-- "Provided that a copy of every such notice shall be sent to the Inspector having jurisdiction over the industrial premises within two weeks from the date on which such notice is exhibited in the industrial premises."

Title: Amendment of section 31

Description: In section 31 of the principal Act, after sub-section (2), the following sub-sub shall be inserted, namely:-- "(2A) The appellate authority shall have the same powers as are vested in a civil court under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (5 of 1908), when trying suit, in respect of the following matters, namely:-- (a) enforcing the attendance of any person and examining him on oath; and (b) compelling the production of documents and material objects.".

Title: Amendment of section 32

Description: In section 32 of the principal Act, for the words "three months" and "five hundred rupees", the words "six months" and "five thousand rupees" shall, respectively, be substituted.

Title: Amendment of section 39

Description: In this section 39 of the principal Act, in sub-section (2), for the portion beginning with the words "shall be settled" and ending with the words "specify in this behalf", the following shall be substituted, namely:-- "shall be referred for settlement within such time and by such authority as the State Government may, be rules, specify in this behalf and such rules may also provide for the summary manner in which such dispute shall be settled".