Section 25 in The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi Act, 1991

Title: Bills reserved for consideration

Description: When a Bill is reserved by the Lieutenant Governor for the consideration of the President, the President shall declare either that he assents to the Bill or that he withholds assent therefrom: Provided that where the Bill is not a Money Bill, the President may direct the Lieutenant Governor to return the Bill to the Legislative Assembly together with such a message as is mentioned in the first proviso to section 24 and, when a Bill is so returned, the Assembly shall reconsider it accordingly within a period of six months from the date of receipt of such message and, if it is again passed by the Assembly with or without amendment, it shall be presented again to the President for his consideration.

Title: Requirements as to sanction, etc

Description: No Act of the Legislative Assembly, and no provision in any such Act, shall be invalid by reason only that some previous sanction or recommendation required by this Act was not given, if assent to that Act was given by the Lieutenant Governor, or, on being reserved by the Lieutenant Governor for the consideration of the President, by the President.

Title: Annual financial statement

Description: (1) The Lieutenant Governor shall in respect of every financial year cause to be laid before the Legislative Assembly, with the previous sanction of the President, a statement of the estimated receipts and expenditure of the Capital for that year, in this Part referred to as the "annual financial statement". (2) The estimates of expenditure embodied in the annual financial statement shall show separately— (a) the sums required to meet expenditure described by this Act as expenditure charged upon the Consolidated Fund of the Capital; and (b) the sums required to meet other expenditure proposed to be made from the Consolidated Fund of the Capital, and shall distinguish expenditure on revenue account from other expenditure. (3) Notwithstanding anything contained in any law for the time being in force, the following expenditure shall be expenditure charged on the Consolidated Fund of the Capital:— (a) the emoluments and allowances of the Lieutenant Governor and other expenditure relating to his office as determined by the President by general or special order; (b) the charges payable in respect of loans advanced to the Capital from the Consolidated Fund of India including interest, sinking fund charges and redemption charges, and other expenditure connected therewith; (c) the salaries and allowances of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly; (d) expenditure in respect of the salaries and allowances of Judges of the High Court of Delhi; (e) any sums required to satisfy any judgment, decree or award of any court or arbitral tribunal; (f) any other expenditure declared by the Constitution or by law made by Parliament or by the Legislative Assembly to be so charged.

Title: Procedure in Legislative Assembly with respect to estimates

Description: (1) So much of the estimates as relates to expenditure charged upon the Consolidated Fund of the Capital shall not be submitted to the vote of the Legislative Assembly, but nothing in this sub-section shall be construed as preventing the discussion in the Legislative Assembly of any of those estimates. (2) So, much of the said estimates as relates to other expenditure shall be submitted in the form of demands for grants to the Legislative Assembly, and the Legislative Assembly shall have power to assent, or to refuse to assent, to any demand, or to assent to any demand subject to a reduction of the amount specified therein. (3) No demand for a grant shall be made except on the recommendation of the Lieutenant Governor.

Title: Appropriation Bills

Description: (1) As soon as may be after the grants under section 28 have been made by the Legislative Assembly, there shall be introduced a Bill to provide for the appropriation out of the Consolidated Fund of the Capital of all moneys required to meet— (a) the grants so made by the Assembly, and (b) the expenditure charged on the Consolidated Fund of the Capital but not exceeding in any case the amount shown in the statement previously laid before the assembly. (2) No amendment shall be proposed to any such Bill in the Legislative Assembly which will have the effect of varying the amount or altering the destination of any grant so made or of varying the amount of any expenditure charged on the Consolidated Fund of the Capital and the decision of the person presiding as to whether an amendment is inadmissible under this sub-section shall be final. (3) Subject to the other provisions of this Act, no money shall be withdrawn from the Consolidated Fund of the Capital except under appropriation made by law passed in accordance with the provisions of this section.