Section 7 in The Central Agricultural University Act, 1992

Title: University open to all classes, castes and creed

Description: The University shall be open to persons of either sex and of whatever caste, creed, race or class, and it shall not be lawful for the University to adopt or impose on any person, any test whatsoever of religious belief or profession in order to entitle him to be appointed as a teacher of the University or to hold any other office therein or be admitted as a student in the University or to graduate thereat or to enjoy or exercise any privilege thereof: Provided that nothing in this section shall be deemed to prevent the University from making special provisions for the employment or admission of women, handicapped or of persons belonging to the weaker sections of the society and, in particular, of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes.

Title: The Visitor

Description: (1) The President of India shall be the Visitor of the University. (2) Subject to the provisions of sub-sections (3) and (4), the Visitor shall have the right to cause an inspection to be made, by such person or persons as he may direct, of the University, its buildings, laboratories, libraries, museums, workshops and equipments, and of any institution or college and also of the examination, instruction and other work conducted or done by the University, and to cause an inquiry to be made in like manner in respect of any matter connected with the administration and finances of the University. (3) The Visitor shall, in every case, give notice to the University of his intention to cause an inspection or inquiry to be made and the University shall, on receipt of such notice, have the right to make, within thirty days from the date of receipt of the notice or such other period as the Visitor may determine, such representations to him as it may consider necessary. (4) After considering the representations, if any, made by the University, the Visitor may cause to be made such inspection or inquiry as is referred to in sub-section (2). (5) Where an inspection or inquiry has been caused to be made by the Visitor, the University shall be entitled to appoint a representative who shall have the right to appear in person and to be heard on such inspection or inquiry. (6) The Visitor may address the Vice-Chancellor with reference to the results of such inspection or inquiry together with such views and advice with regard to the action to be taken thereon as the Visitor may be pleased to offer and on receipt of the address made by the Visitor, the Vice-Chancellor shall communicate forthwith to the Board the results of the inspection or inquiry and the views of the Visitor and the advice tendered by him upon the action to be taken thereon. (7) The Board shall communicate through the Vice-Chancellor to the Visitor such action, if any, as it proposes to take or has been taken by it upon the results of such inspection or inquiry. (8) Where the Board does not, within a reasonable time, take action to the satisfaction of the Visitor, the Visitor may, after considering any explanation furnished or representation made by the Board, issue such directions as he may think fit and the Board shall be bound to comply with such directions. (9) Without prejudice to the foregoing provisions of this section, the Visitor may, by an order in writing, annul any proceeding of the University which is not in conformity with this Act, the Statutes or the Ordinances: Provided that before making any such order, he shall call upon the University to show cause why such an order should not be made and, if any cause is shown within a reasonable time, he shall consider the same. (10) The Visitor shall have such other powers as may be specified by the Statutes.

Title: Officers of the University

Description: The following shall be the officers of the University, namely:-- (1) the Chancellor; (2) the Vice-Chancellor; (3) Deans; (4) Directors; (5) the Registrar; (6) the Comptroller; and (7) such other officers as may be prescribed by the Statutes.

Title: The Chancellor

Description: (1) The Chancellor shall be appointed by the Visitor in such manner as may be prescribed by the Statutes. (2) The Chancellor shall, by virtue of his office, be the Head of the University. (3) The Chancellor shall, if present, preside at the convocations of the University held for conferring degrees.

Title: The Vice-Chancellor

Description: (1) The Vice-Chancellor shall be appointed by the Visitor in such manner as may be prescribed by the Statutes (2) The Vice-Chancellor shall be the principal executive and academic officer of the University and shall exercise general supervision and control over the affairs of the University and give effect to the decisions of all the authorities of the University. (3) The Vice-Chancellor may, if he is of opinion that immediate action is necessary on any matter, exercise any power conferred on any authority of the University by or under this Act and shall report to such authority the action taken by him on such matter: Provided that if the authority concerned is of opinion that such action ought not to have been taken, it may refer the matter to the Visitor whose decision thereon shall be final: Provided further that any person in the service of the University who is aggrieved by the action taken by the Vice-Chancellor under this sub-section shall have the right to appeal against such action to the Board within three months from the date on which decision on such action is communicated to him and thereupon the Board may confirm, modify or reverse the action taken by the Vice-Chancellor. (4) The Vice-Chancellor, if he is of opinion that any decision of any authority of the University is beyond the powers of the authority conferred by the provisions of this Act, the Statutes or the Ordinances or that any decision taken is not in the interest of the University, may ask the authority concerned to review its decision within sixty days of such decision and if the authority refuses to review the decision either in whole or in part or no decision is taken by it within the said period of sixty days, the matter shall be referred to the Visitor whose decision thereon shall be final. (5) The Vice-Chancellor shall exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Statutes or the Ordinances.

The Central Agricultural University Act, 1992