Section 28A in The Indian Council of World Affairs Act, 2001

Title: Power to remove difficulties

Description: 1[28A. Power to remove difficulties.-- If any difficulty arises in giving effect to the provisions of the Indian Council of World Affairs (Amendment) Act, 2003 (5 of 2004), the Central Government may, by order, do anything not inconsistent with such provisions for the purpose of removing the difficulty: Provided that no such order shall be made after the expiry of a period of two years from the commencement of the Indian Council of World Affairs (Amendment) Act, 2003 (5 of 2004). (2) Every order made under this section shall be laid, as soon as may be after it is made, before each House of Parliament.] 1. Ins. by Act 5 of 2004, s. 5 (w.e.f. 7-1-2004).

Title: Repeal and saving

Description: (1) The Indian Council of World Affairs (Second) Ordinance, 2001 (Ord. 3 of 2001) is hereby repealed. (2) Notwithstanding the repeal of the said Ordinance, anything done or any action taken under the said Ordinance shall be deemed to have been done or taken under the corresponding provisions of this Act.

Title: Short title

Description: This Act may be called 1[the Election Commission (Conditions of Service of Election Commissioners and Transaction of Business)] Act, 1991. 1. Subs by Act 4 of 1994, s. 3, ibid., for "the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners (Conditions of Service)" (w.e.f. 1-10-1993)

Title: Definitions

Description: In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-- (a) "Chief Election Commissioner" means the Chief Election Commissioner appointed under articles 324 of the Constitution; 1[(b) "Election Commission" means the Election Commission referred to in article 324 of the Constitution;] 2[(c)] "Election Commissioner" means any other Election Commissioner appointed under article 324 of the Constitution. 1. Ins. by s. 4,ibid. (w.e.f. 1-10-1993). 2. Clause (b) shall be re-lettered as clause (c) by s. 4, ibid. (w.e.f. 1-10-1993).

Title: Salary

Description: 1***There shall be paid to the Chief Election Commissioner 2[and other Election Commissioners] a salary which is equal to the salary of a Judge of the Supreme Court: 3* * * * * Provided that if a person who, immediately before the date of assuming office as the Chief Election Commissioner or, as the case maybe, an Election Commissioner, was in receipt of, or, being eligible so to do, had election to draw, a pension(other than a disability or wound pension) in respect of any previous service under the Government of the Union or under the Government of a State, his salary in respect of service as the Chief Election Commissioner or, as the case may be, an Election Commissioner shall be reduced— (a) by the amount of that pension; and (b) if he had, before assuming office, received, in lieu of a portion of the pension due to him in respect of such previous service, the commuted value thereof, by the amount of that portion of the pension. 1. The brackets and figure (1) omitted by s. 5, ibid.(w.e.f. 1-10-1993). 2. Ins. by s. 5, ibid. (w.e.f. 1-10-1993). 3. Certain brackets, figure and words omitted by s. 5, ibid. (w.e.f. 1-10-1993).

The Indian Council of World Affairs Act, 2001