Section 24 in The Haj Committee Act, 2002

Title: Resignation of Chairperson and members

Description: The Chairperson or any other member may resign his office by writing under his hand addressed to the State Government and it shall be effective from the date of such resignation.

Title: Removal of Chairperson and members

Description: (1) The State Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, remove the Chairperson of the State Committee or any member thereof, if he— (i) is or becomes subject to any of the disqualifications specified in section 23; or (ii) refuses to act or is incapable of acting or acts in a manner which the State Government, after hearing any explanation that he may offer, considers to be prejudicial to the interests of the State Committee or the interests of the pilgrims; or (iii) fails, in the opinion of the State Committee, to attend three consecutive meetings of the State Committee, without sufficient excuse. (2) Where the Chairperson of the State Committee is removed under sub-section (1), he shall also cease to be a member of the State Committee.

Title: Filling of a casual vacancy

Description: (1) When the seat of a member becomes vacant by his removal, resignation, death or otherwise, a new member shall be nominated in his place and such member shall hold office so long as the member whose place he fills would have been entitled to hold office if such vacancy had not occurred. (2) Any casual vacancy under sub-section (1) shall be filled up by the same category to which the former member belonged.

Title: Duties of State Committee

Description: (1) It shall be the duty of a State Committee to implement the policy and directions of the Committee in the interests of Haj pilgrims. (2) The State Committee shall provide assistance to the Haj pilgrims including in the matter of their transport between their home States and the point of exit from India and their transit accommodation at points of exit. (3) The State Committee shall discharge such other duties in connection with Haj as may be prescribed by the State Government concerned, in consultation with the Central Government.

Title: Meetings of State Committee

Description: (1) A State Committee shall meet at least twice in a year before the Haj day and once after the Haj is over. (2) The number of members required to make a quorum at any meeting of the State Committee shall be one-third of its members. (3) In addition to the number of meetings specified in sub-section (1), the State Committee may hold meetings as and when requisitioned by at least one-third of its members or when considered necessary by the Chairperson. (4) All matters shall be decided by a majority of votes of the members present and, in the event of an equality of votes, the Chairperson or other person presiding shall have a casting vote.

The Haj Committee Act, 2002